A Decade of Service

Nonprofits, Schools and Religious Organzations

2017 Marks the 10th Anniversary of The Auction Divas as Benefit Auctioneers . . . serving Nonprofits, Schools and Religious Organizations.

During this time, we’ve conducted nearly 500 auctions, raising an estimated $30 million dollars in client proceeds.

From our inception, we knew there was a better way to help our clients. With more than 30 years of experience in marketing and PR, we knew what to look for. The basics of audience demographic, engagement, planning, execution, and goal setting seemed to be lost, on what one would think, would be the most important part of a fundraising event: FUNDRASING.

When we ask our clients what their number one goal for their fundraising event is, they usually respond with something like, “Hmmm, I guess that would be guest experience, donor thank yous and volunteer recognition.” Funny right?  We asked for the number one goal, which should be fundraising, but, nonprofits are scarred. They’ve been burned by bad auctioneers, donors who don’t show up, and planners with good intentions, but short on execution. For us, those first three goals; guest experience, thanking donors and volunteer recognition, are a given. They should be presumed, expected, and anticipated by any professional partner or vendor.

Over the years, we have honed our processes, proven our tactics, and blazed ahead of our competition in personally connecting with our audiences. We have helped first-time gala clients raise more than $500,000; we quadrupled the funds for many smaller organizations stalled in their fundraising efforts under $10,000; and we have handled everything in between. It all comes down to our Recipe for Record-Breaking Results.

Recipe for Record-Breaking Results
Just like a recipe in the kitchen. If you were baking a cake and the recipe called for a cup of sugar, and you only used a quarter of that, your cake would not be as sweet, or it might not even bake correctly.

Our processes and strategies are just that. They are a recipe for helping our clients achieve record-breaking fundraising results. If you choose to use one ingredient but not the other, you may still achieve a better record, but just think about what you’ve left out. How many dollars did you leave on the table, and how much harder will you have to work to make up the shortfall?

But, don’t take our word for it. Check out what are clients are saying here.