Did Your Last Event Achieve RECORD-BREAKING Results?

Did Your Last Event Achieve RECORD-BREAKING Results? If it did, CONGRATULATIONS, you hit a home run! If it didn’t, I’m sure you debriefed with your committee and team. The reasons for lackluster results can be daunting, but evaluating… Read More

Is your Auctioneer, High Energy, High Entertainment, High Sales?

Do You Look for High Energy | High Entertainment | High Sales Auctioneers?

The status quo is not lighting up audiences these days, it’s internal light, energy, passion, compassion and connection that make top fundraising events work. These values are what bond your fundraiser to the organization, the mission to your benefactors and… Read More

Does Your Auctioneer Work Nationwide?

As our clients partner in philanthropy, we are asked frequently about new strategies, new ways to engage our audiences and innovative ideas that inspire more guests to participate. As professionally trained auctioneers, holding licenses in several states, we… Read More