Event Messaging

Message Development

As a nonprofit, school or religious organization, you have hundreds of stories of the lives you touched over the years, and one of the greatest gifts you can give  your guests or audience is sharing those transformational narratives for inspiration.

We’ve found that great fundraising successes are achieved when we (the auctioneer) dialogue with:

  • Executive Directors;
  • People who have been helped by the organization;
  • Super volunteers; or
  • Others who have personal experience with your organization and why your work is so important in the community, from stage.

When it comes to those who have been helped by your mission, there are three basic questions we suggest you ask:

    • What happened to you or your family triggering the need for help;
    • How did you find (insert organization here) and what has been your experience; and
    • Where do you think you (or your family) would be today if you hadn’t found (insert organization here)?
Message Delivery

Once you’ve developed the message and crafted the story, what’s next? Presenters like Executive Directors, Board Chairs, or representatives of the populations you serve, and your auctioneer, need a message that is solid, direct, compelling, inspirational and rehearsed.

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