Event Timing is EVERYTHING

Isn’t this a saying we have all used in the past? Of course, but with the competitive landscape of raising funds at live auction events, it is either a path to success or failure.

Think about this from your guest experience standpoint. You’ve obviously enrolled them in your mission because they bought tickets and are at the event. It is your job to ensure a lively, fun, meaningful and worth-their-time-and-effort event.

So now you might be wondering, what does event timing have to do with the success or failure of an event? Plenty! Setting up your live auctioneer with an audience who is engaged, fresh, motivated and willing-to-give goes a long way in teeing up a successful fundraising effort.

Your event program should be structured like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears . . .  not too short, not too long, but just right for your audience.  For the live auction part, your guests should be fed, but not over fed, watered and wined, but not overly wined, and engaged by a short program or video that speaks to your mission. We call this the Seated-Fed-Watered-Wined-Sugared and Caffeined Principle (SFWWSC).

Imagine for a moment, your audience feeling the following:

All senses content with delightful food and beverages
Captivated by an upbeat, but brief program
Actively engaged in the organization’s mission
Entertained and happy by their event experience

Now, you have your guests exactly where you want them, and this is the time for the live auction to begin. When the auction is done, they’ll be exhilarated by the fun they just had and ready for the last part of your program, like a keynote speaker, awards, community honors or donor recognition.

There is another hidden benefit to structuring the event agenda this way: you have an additional 20 to 30 minutes to prepare for a smooth, efficient and fast checkout for your guests.

So keep it lively when planning your next event and you’ll execute a finely tuned, smooth running, high yielding event experience that your guests will want to attend year after year.

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