Online Fundraising

with give.SWEEPS!

give.SWEEPS makes giveaway style fundraising easy and affordable. Honor existing supporters and engage new donors by offering a chance to win a great prize using this new low cost fundraising platform!


An online give.SWEEPS campaign is an opportunity to engage your entire database, not just those who attend your events, and attract an all new audience of donors. With each campaign, you’ll be able to tell your story to the masses, and build your database while producing fresh fundraising results.

Campaign Options:

— Combine with Live Event Fundraising
— Kick-Off at a Live Event
— Launch as a Stand-Alone Fundraiser

How it Works

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofits is to communicate with current and potential donors the importance of their work, how their programs impact the community, why financial support is critical and how donors can get involved.

give.SWEEPS is designed to answer all of these questions in an all new, exciting, and fun format that gives back to one lucky donor per campaign.

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