Partners and Resources

Achieving Record-Breaking Results on a consistent basis takes a team of experts. Here some of the professionals we work with to help our clients exceed their goals!


Blacktie is a national company headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Since 2001, we have provided our members with web-based technology for online event planning at affordable prices. Currently with eleven offices and growing, the company has worked with thousands of nonprofits to help make donor outreach and fundraising efforts easier and more productive. We think there is an easier, faster way to streamline event management so we have designed the online tools to make that happen! Our sister company, Mod Tickets can also assist your organization with bar-coded or regular tickets.

Go to or call for more information 303.832.2903.

Whatever cause is your passion — Greater Giving solutions can help you be more effective in your fundraising efforts.

Greater Giving™ is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with satellite office across the U.S.  Our solutions are designed exclusively for nonprofits and schools— enabling them to raise more funds with mobile bidding, online registration and donations, event management software, payment processing and peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Visit or call 800-276-5992 to find out more!

Handbid helps nonprofits of all sizes adopt powerful, yet easy to use fundraising tools.

That is why we are able to meet the needs of organizations from those just getting started (no revenue, no budget, no staff), to those that are very large (hundreds of millions in revenue, large budgets and lots of staff).

The world is quickly changing around us. Smartphones have revolutionized nearly all industries including banking, commerce, music and travel. Our smartphones represent convenience and we use them to do everything from depositing checks, paying for coffee to booking a flight. Why not fundraising?

Your donors increasingly expect that same convenience when donating to your cause or bidding in your auction. Mobile fundraising is not the future, it is today.

At Handbid, we envision a world where charities can easily connect with their donors anytime, anyplace, anyway using powerful mobile-based fundraising tools they can manage on their own. Check out or call 303.622.5804 for more information.