Recipe for Results

Recipe for Record-Breaking Results (R4)

Over the years, we’ve honed our processes, strategies and tactics into the Recipe for Record-Breaking Results or R4 for short.

Here are the main ingredients, but the recipe doesn’t stop here. We will be talking each week about the subtle elements along with the directions of each ingredient and how they work together. After all, it’s like baking a cake; if the recipe called for a cup of sugar, and you only used a quarter of that, your cake would not be as sweet, or it might not bake correctly. The following is an outline of the recipe. We’ll be teaching you in detail, about each section and ingredient on our weekly video blog.

Behind the Scenes

Guest List
Seed Gifts for Appeal
Event and Paddle Raise Messaging

Understanding your Guest Demographics

The 50/50 Principle
How People Buy
Who will be in the room
What items that will engage the majority

Appreciating the Psychology of Giving

People Buy Intellectually and Emotionally
The Active vs Passive Ask
Event Message Development

Flawless Execution

The RIGHT Spokespeople
Captivating Message Delivery
Run of Show
Order of live auction and appeal

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