Psychology of GIVING

Recipe for Record-Breaking Results

The Psychology of Charitable GIVING

The psychology of charitable giving at an auction is common sense at its core, and while we are not psychologists, we have executed nearly 500 auctions and raised an estimated $30,000,000.

People Buy Intellectually and Emotionally

We all know that giving is contagious. The real question is, how do we inspire the largest section of an audience to action through either the purchase of an auction item, or donations during the special appeal? The answer is; understanding why people buy and/or donate.

First, on the intellectual or head level, people want facts and figures. They want to know that your organization is fiscally responsible, serving the population that you represent, and why the need is so great. Next, on the emotional or heart level, individuals want to feel — feel with their heart, feel that their hard-earned donation, no matter how great or small, will save a life, enrich a community, or positively affect the direction of many lives.

This understanding of the two levels of heart and head is the bridge to developing the right message and delivering it with the utmost compassion. Hit your guests with the facts then draw them back to their heart with every ask and you’ll see results.

The Active vs Passive Ask

Everything other than live fundraising is a passive ask, like a raffle, wine pull, silent auction donation items, etc. The active ask, is just that. It’s a live, in person ask for financial support or to buy goods and services. It makes sense that the active ask or live ask is always going to generate more revenue than the all the passive asks combined. Why do you ask? Because people are looking for a connection, they want to be valued, recognized and supported for their own generosity. Groups should be mindful of the number of passive asks they make prior to live fundraising as it can negatively impact active ask revenues.

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