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“Shelly, Your voice calms me down, you are a brilliant storyteller”. Stefani Walker

Pandemic Fundraising

As individuals, we want to be inspired by the life choices we make, engaged in authentic communications that touch our hearts and valued for the small or large contributions that we’re able to make in society. If we pay attention to each other and our world as it unfolds around us, we CAN change the reality of our own domain.

The truth is, fundraising is scary right now because so many things have changed. For schools, car washes, candy bars, and door to door to asks are gone. For nonprofits, increased demand and lower than normal funding has become commonplace. Our large live, in-person events are gone for now and we’ve all been missing contact with the friends, parents, and kids are missing contact with their other friends. Life as we know it has changed. But that doesn’t mean that it stops. Life continues to move on around us and change, and we need to change right alongside it.

We’re riding the wave, just like you, and released a new online fundraising course Auction Fundraising Growth Strategy Hacks (AFGSH) to help you fundraise during the pandemic, but also prepare you for the big come back in 2021. Check out our offering below:

Live Auctioneer

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Field Tested | Donor Approved

| 700 Events as Auctioneers, Emcees, Speakers

| $125M raised for Charity

| 34+ years in Marketing, Fundraising, Auctioneering.



Necessity Breeds Innovation

and STRATEGY DRIVES SUCCESS! AFGSH is a powerful, online program that empowers small to mid-size nonprofits, schools and religious organizations to increase their fundraising success!

Year-Rd Fundraising


Sweepstakes Fundraising

Using online fundraising sweepstakes technology with give.SWEEPS makes giveaway style fundraising easy, and affordable while building awareness, partnerships and community.

2021 Genius Training

The Genius ZONE

Get Ready for 2021

We’re releasing new training throughout 2021, here’s a sneak peak: [1] Book Your Donor Base Solid; [2] Automate Donor Communications; [3] Fill Your Events; [4] Build Your Own (iPhone/Android) APP.

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"True Influence is when you inspire someone to feel, think and act".

We are performers. Our bounty is the audience connection we make from the stage, but that connection is not formed by accident. It’s a thoughtful combination of understanding and advocating for each audience, cause and purpose. The biggest trick of the trade is to be well-rehearsed so each performance feels uniquely real and authentic.

Marketing, strategy, planning, and creating partnerships on your auction team are second only to raising the highest possible dollar amount. We believe that a solid planning and fundraising foundation is the key to banner live auction success. Having conducted 100’s of auctions we have seen just about everything, both good and bad, and learning from these victories and blunders has allowed us to earn “expert” status.

- Shelly St John -
Auctioneer, Emcee, Speaker
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