High Energy | High Entertainment | High Sales Auctioneers

We work in our communities to raise money to serve the missions of nonprofits, schools and religious organizations as live fundraising auctioneers, emcees and speakers.

We’ve paid enormous attention to all of our clients and events over the last 14 years which have landed us where we are today —conducting over 700 auctions and events as a lead auctioneer, emcee or speaker nationally, raising an estimated $125 million for NPO’s.

It may sound trite, but we really do care. We care about making our clients look like rock stars when we crush their goals at a paddle raise and live auction and the causes we represent. A good day for us is not about how much we put in our pockets, it’s about how many lives we’ve touched.

From a live fundraising perspective, who do you want on your team?

  • Comedic charity auctioneers who truly connect with your audience(s);
  • Professionals who identify live demography;
  • Creative thinkers who will craft and broadcast your message; and
  • Idea generators who suggest fresh approaches to age old issues?
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