"True Influence is when you inspire someone to feel, think and act".

Marketing, strategy, planning and creating partnerships on your auction team are second only to raising the highest possible dollar amount. We believe that a solid planning and fundraising foundation is the key to banner live auction success. Having conducted 100’s of auctions we have seen just about everything, both good and bad, and learning from these victories and blunders has allowed us to earn “expert” status.

- Shelly St John -
Auctioneer, Emcee, Speaker

High Energy | High Entertainment | High Sales | Auctioneers

We work in our communities to raise money to serve the missions of nonprofits, schools and religious organizations as live fundraising auctioneers, emcees and speakers.

We’ve paid enormous attention to all of our clients and events over the last 14 years which have landed us where we are today —conducting over 700 auctions and events as a lead auctioneer, emcee or speaker nationally, raising an estimated $125 million for NPO’s.

Just a few comments from planners and guests . . .

“As usual, you are a delight to work with and we all appreciate your live auction/paddle raiser performance”.


“You are amazing Shelly, last night was spectacular”.


“Thank you Shelly, you are a calming force in a chaotic environment. We’ll work together again for sure”!


“Great job on Friday, thank you for all of your great work from the stage, it was a success! I am glad you pushed for the Beach Vacation Packages, they did make a big difference.”

“To encourage generous donations, “charitable auctions need to have fun-filled themes, trendy food and drinks, engaging venues, humor and contemporary storytelling.” —Shelly St John

- AVID Lifestyles Magazine -
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