Everyone who has ever planned a gala knows that each event has its own style, from the uber casual ungala to the ultra modern or traditional white table clothed sit down, and each audience has their own attitude, from relaxed and laid-back to the more formal and conservative. Understanding this when choosing your auctioneer is so important, because each of us, has something unique to offer.

The Auction Divas a group of auctioneers, each with distinctive talents. Ms. Shelly, is the master at crafting the client message and delivering the story for maximum fundraising; Shannon is an adorable championship auctioneer and can charm the greenbacks out of any pocket or purse; Emily is young, geogeous, energetic and a thrill to watch. A Champion herself, she’s made her name in her family auction business, but has carved out her own name on a hit A&E TV series.

Regardless of the Diva you choose, you’ll be delighted with each performance. We’re here to help you be successful, so check out some of our hints, tips and tricks below.

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The Diva Approach

Event Messaging

Audience Demographics

Pre-Event Promotion

Psychology of Giving

Event Philosophy


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