Consignment Travel — It’s Not Just for Live Auction Anymore!

When most people think or talk about consignment travel, they usually crinkle their nose, turn their head a bit, grind their teeth, and say something like, W-E-L-L, we’d prefer to sell a trip that’s 100% donated. The truth is, we do to, but it’s not always possible. We see charities and schools hard-pressed to find these types donations with the all the flexibility, ease booking and travel, with all bells and whistles.

Consignment is a great alternative because travel is the number one selling item across all fundraising platforms. So give your donors what they want, an experience of a lifetime. And you still get to make a profit!

Consider Consignment Vacations for Multiple Fundraising Programs:
  • Buy-It-Now on your website or in an email blast;
  • Live or Silent Auction offering at your event;
  • As a Prize for an online give.SWEEPS campaign.

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Tuscany, 7 Nights, 6 People

Iceland, 5 Nights, 4 People

Choose one of the GREAT Capitals of Europe!

Choose from 4 Beach Destinations

Ferrari Experience for 1 Person and Guest

Champagne Discovery for 2

Lake Como for 2

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