BADASS Public Speaking

Are you hungry to feel more confident, intriguing, and influential in your presentations, pitches, speeches and video?
We’ll show you how to transform your hunger into BADASS Speaking Respect:
#Build your business
#Create effective video
#Emerge as an influencer
#Land a TEDx Stage
#Position yourself as a leader
#Train as a Benefit Auctioneer
#Win new clients

6-Month Public Speaking MASTERMIND Beginning in June 2019

A Profitable Investment

As a Badass Mastermind Participant, here’s what you’ll get out of our time together . . . .

  1. An Entertaining “Invitation” Speech, (5 minutes, of your best of the best that you can use in a promotional video, speaker proposal, boardroom conversation or local presentations)
  2. A Powerful “Keynote Speech” (25 minutes, that will leave your audience wanting to know more about you and your message, that you can deliver at any industry conference, sales meeting, target conference, thought leadership presentation, pitch or TEDx Talk)
  3. Audience and Persuasion Driven Performance (Not Information Driven)
  4. The Tools to Write, Memorize, Rehearse and Perform on ANY Stage (Including your company’s board room)
  5. The Trade Secrets of how to assess your audience demographics and behaviors for any size event, (trust me, the professionals have some tricks they don’t tell you about!)
  6. How to Use Story to Drive the Results You’re Looking to Create

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Shelly unites her fundraising experience, event planning skills, public speaking practice and stand-up comedy routine into a high-energy performance that inspires conference attendees and achieves record-breaking fundraising results nationwide.

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