The Story Behind the Divas

The Auction Divas are a group of talented women. (We’ve asked men to be Divas, but none of them have manned up yet.) We work in our communities to raise money to serve the missions of nonprofits, schools and religious organizations as live benefit auctioneers.

Working in a glass-ceiling environment for 14 years, we’ve turned the tables on the traditional style of auctioneering and paved the way for female auctioneers across the globe.

We’ve paid enormous attention to our successes, which have landed us where we are today. Having conducted more than 700 events as lead auctioneers, emcees and speakers nationwide, we’ve helped raise an estimated $125 million dollars and have only just begun.

It may sound trite, but we really do care. We care about making our clients look like rock stars when we crush their goals at a live auction and we truly care about the causes we represent. A good day for us is not about how much we put in our pockets, it’s about how many lives we’ve touched.

The Auction Divas are a group of auctioneers, each with distinctive talents.

Ms. Shelly, is the master at crafting the client message and delivering the story for maximum fundraising; Ms. Shannon is an adorable championship auctioneer and can charm the greenbacks out of any pocket or purse; Ms. Emily is young, geogeous, energetic and a thrill to watch. A Champion herself, she’s made her name in her family auction business, but has carved out her own name on a hit A&E TV series. And Ms. Leslie Smith is a World Class Ventriloquist whose Characters are so compelling that guests can’t wait to give!

Regardless of the Diva you choose, you’ll be delighted with each performance. We’re here to help you be successful, so check out some of our hints, tips and tricks below.

Record-Breaking Results – on event night frequently soar above expectations. In fact at 80% of our events, we raise 100% to 900% over goal. Speaking to the choir, these increases enable you to fund more programs, serve more of your beneficiaries, and make a bigger difference for your organization.

Here is a sampling of results:

                                                Goal $4,000 | Raised $16,500

                                                Goal $8,000 | Raised $28,000

                                                Goal $10,000 | Raised $21,000

                                                Goal $10,000 | Raised $23,000

                                                Goal $12,000 | Raised $34,000

                                                Goal $16,000 | Raised 54,000

                                                Goal $20,000 | Raised $45,000

                                                Goal $28,000 | Raised $42,000

                                                Goal $45,000 | Raised $85,000

                                                 Goal $50,000 | Raised $202,000

                                                 Goal $80,000 | Raised $200,000

                                                Goal $60,000 | Raised $115,000

                                                Goal $65,000 | Raised $85,000

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