The Auction Divas are a group of auctioneers, each with distinctive talents. Ms. Shelly, is the master at crafting the client message and delivering the story for maximum fundraising; Ms. Shannon is an adorable championship auctioneer and can charm the greenbacks out of any pocket or purse; Ms. Emily is young, geogeous, energetic and a thrill to watch. A Champion herself, she’s made her name in her family auction business, but has carved out her own name on a hit A&E TV series. And Ms. Leslie Smith is a World Class Ventriloquist whose Characters are so compelling that guests can’t wait to give!

Regardless of the Diva you choose, you’ll be delighted with each performance. We’re here to help you be successful, so check out some of our hints, tips and tricks below.

Here are just a few snippets from clients after our events:

  • “As usual, you are a delight to work with and we all appreciate your live auction/paddle raiser performance”.
  • “You are amazing Shelly, last night was spectacular”.
  • “Thank you Shelly, you are a calming force in a chaotic environment. We’ll work together again for sure”!
  • “Great job on Friday, thank you for all of your great work from the stage, it was a success! I am glad you pushed for the Beach Vacation Packages, they did make a big difference.”

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