Public Speaking

BADASS Public Speaking . . .

is about inspiring people to step outside of themselves and present with the Audience Forward Mindset whether they’re in front of 1 or 100,000 people. We help people realize who they are as a speaker (even if they don’t think they are) and how to develop an audience avatar that engages and inspires their audiences to feel, think and act which is the triad of desired speaking outcomes.

Never before in history, have we had so many WOMEN and LGBTQ leaders in our world. In the US alone our major news networks ABC, NBC and CBS have all installed female CEO’s to lead their organizations. In Colorado we elected the first openly gay Governor Jared Polis, and around the Country countless, Representatives, Senators, CEO’s and Presidential Candidates have put their reputations and personal lives on the line to lead our world into a new standard of behavior that breaks all gender and racial bias.

You have the opportunity to have your message heard by the masses, not just the few. You can build your business faster, create a community that changes the world, dominate your field as a leader and influencer, launch the business of your dreams or simply get that promotion and raise you’re deserving of . . . by being recognized as a Professional Public Speaker.

Do you Dare to Speak, Dare to be Heard and Dare to be Seen and Is it time for you to take your seat at the table? Public Speaking is one of the FASTEST ways to get you to there! 

DARE to Speak

DARE to Speak is designed for the individual who has little to no public speaking experience, or those who have an idea of what they want to speak about, but need help getting their ideas and messages from their heart and head on to paper.

~ Learn to build your internal confidence to shine in ANY situation, no matter how sticky.

~ Develop your message into a clear concise call to action that produces results.

~ Become clear on the gifts you have to share with the world.

~ Write a well-defined script that is ready to rehearse and perform.

DARE to be Heard

DARE to be Heard is designed for individuals who have clearly defined their message, have a working script, and are looking to develop a more powerful and compelling delivery through performance coaching.

~ Learn to be bold in your authentic self, even if you’re a little “gifted” or “weird.”

~ Use your stories and storytelling to get what you want personally and professionally.

~ Deliver a compelling performance that motivates your audience to take action.

~ Learn how to read an audience and modify your performance if necessary.

DARE to be Seen

DARE to be Seen is designed for individuals who have a tightly refined pitch, presentation, or speech and want to get booked on more stages to be heard and seen by the masses vs. the few.

~ Learn how and where to find your audiences.

~ Create speaker industry tools along with how and where to use them.

~ Establish a fee policy that works for paid and non-paid gigs.

~ Develop a marketing plan that meets your individual goals.

Speaking Services Offered:

Keynote Speaker |  Corporate Training | Panel Expert | Performance Coaching | Auctioneer | Conventions and Tradeshows

Corporate Meetings | Moderator/Host/Emcee



As Founder of Shelly St John Inspires and The Auction Divas, I’m a keynote speaker, speaker performance coach and fundraising auctioneer working to help people build their businesses and attract new clients and donors through my program “BADASS Public Speaking”. Having appeared as a Auctioneer, Emcee, Runway Model and Speaker on over 700 stages, I’m no stranger to the stage or reading an audience. As an entrepreneur I invested 22 years in my own marketing firm, 14 years as a fundraising auctioneer, 5 years training and coaching speakers and presenters, and have spent my lifetime learning how to influence the way people react. Today, my focus is train people to CONNECT and ENGAGE with each audience (large or small) and inspire them to make decisions and take action.
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