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Get 5 PTS of Continuing Education Credit to Meet Your CFRE Requirements

Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks is an online/on demand course, designed to help Nonprofits and Pre-K through K-12 Schools think about planning and executing Record-Breaking Fundraising Events in a whole new way. Using strategic thinking and planning in a linear method, this course can help organizations increase their event fundraising ROI two, three or four fold!

But don’t worry, you won’t have to stress or labor over completing this course. While it includes over 5 hours of recorded content in 38 lessons, videos, and forms, each video and lesson is designed in a short, chunkable, snappy, and easy-to-digest video and slide-deck format, that averages just 7.9 minutes each. And each lesson includes a downloadable link to a sample guide, worksheet, or spreadsheet. The course can be accessed from a laptop, tablet, or handheld device, given a proper internet connection, and it can be completed in as little as a day, depending on the user’s time constraints.



Full participation in Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks is applicable for 5 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.


Feed Two Birds With ONE Seed

Earn your credits while shifting your event planning strategy that’ll help you increase your event fundraising, whether online, virtual, in-person or hybrid!

The Course Includes:
✔ 69+ Page Playbook
✔ 6 Modules – 5 Hours of Online Content
✔ Short Chunkable Lessons
✔ Bonus Module with 4 Tactical Planning Resources
            ~ Ultimate Event Planning Guide
            ~ Run of Show Template
            ~ Social Media Calendar
            ~ Event Night Script Template
      1. The Psych of Event Fundraising is a compilation of market research practices like understanding each generation’s values, likes, and dislikes so you can more easily attract, build, and maintain donor relationships;
      2. Storytelling that Converts guides learners in storytelling that focuses on an audiences needs and wants, communicating them in relatable stories and sound bites that drive giving across all stages;
      3. Influential Event Merchandising shows planners how to become more influential by evaluating each fundraising technique or tactic from an audience perspective to engage a broader segment of donors to participate and give;
      4. Persuasive Event Promotion demonstrates how learners can become more persuasive by deploying a deliberate, strategic, and systematic promotion plan that activates donors when THEY are ready to receive an offer to take action;
      5. Lively Event Production reveals how learners can produce more exciting events by incorporating an audience’s attention span and buying behaviors into the event night run-of-show, ensuring that important decisions are based on strategy, not desire;
      6. Inspiring Chemistry explains how learners can leverage volunteers, vendors, speakers, fundraisers, and guests on event night, to create an atmosphere of love, kindness, compassion, and generosity that is channeled throughout the entire audience; and
      7. Tactical Planning Guides includes some of our favorite downloadable planning guides to put YOUR knowledge into ACTION!

The Psych of Event Fundraising


YOUR SHIFT: Having top of mind awareness about the demographics of your audience, will help you get more of what YOU want and need in any situation from item solicitation, to paddle raise ask, and everything in between.

Storytelling that Converts

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YOUR SHIFT: Sharing your story in the most compelling and inspiring manner will help you engage donors on the heart level, activate their thinking on the head level, and together take action to support you!

Influential Event Merchandising


YOUR SHIFT: By evaluating each style of auction and event fundraising from an audience perspective, including spending ability and buying behaviors, ensures that more donors will engage, participate, and give.

Persuasive Event Promotion

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YOUR SHIFT: Event promotions are simple when they are planned and automatically posted and deployed. Film your videos and design your posts way in advance, so that this tactic can work for you, not stress you out!

Lively Event Production

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YOUR SHIFT: By incorporating the audience’s needs, values and likes into your event production plan, you can connect with donors on a deeper, more personal level including committee members, volunteers, and guests.

Inspiring Event Chemistry

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YOUR SHIFT: By leading your volunteers, vendors, speakers, and fundraisers into event night, you can create a magical atmosphere of giving, where everyone is inspired to support your cause at the highest level possible.

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