Crowd Pleasing – LIVE Living Room Fundraising Events

“Staying visible in this crisis will showcase the important work you do today, and help you stay top-of-mind after the crisis slows.”

biggest risk by stopping, canceling or cutting back your fundraising is
INACTION. The most successful “after crisis” non profits and schools will be
the ones that ACT DURING our isolation”.

“Don’t be fearful
about asking for money in these times, people want to help, and will give, when

“Empower your donors to feel safe to give, by providing an engaging and entertaining new normal. We all need help in today’s environment, so don’t be afraid to ask”!

As one of my favorite artists says in his tune 8 Mile . . . .

“If you had one shot, one opportunity, one moment, to capture everything you ever wanted, would you capture it or let it slip?”

~ Eminem

Download the full brochure here!

Can you see your organization benefiting from any of the following?

Whether you’ve had to cancel or postpone an upcoming event, are currently hosting a silent online auction or simply searching for ways to connect with your donors, this may be a great alternative.

  • Take a leadership role to build hope and faith in your community that you are still relevant, present and hard at work;
  • Give your donors and supporters a moment of respite, in a fun, comfortable and engaging environment;
  • Recoup a portion of your event cancellation fees (if you’ve had to cancel or reschedule your event);
  • Show your donors and supporters your ability and creativity to adapt to new, cutting edge fundraising techniques;
  • Reduce your expenses and increase your fundraising bottom line;
  • Expand your donor and bidder base to include your lost event market:
    • Guests who haven’t attended your event in the past;
    • Guests who have been traveling or not able to commit;
    • Guests who have chosen to attend competing events; or
    • Guests who live outside of your event

Download the Full Brochure Here!

Live Online Event Q&A

Join us each week for a live Q&A session through Zoom to answer your questions about Live Online Event Fundraising.

Thursday’s at 12:00 Noon MDT

Click here to register or call us direct at 303.596.4640.

Why Consider the Living Room Fundraising event Option?

Apr 7, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

What Software Do I Need and How Does it Work?

Apr 14, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

Fear and Decision Making

Apr 21, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

Storytelling Online

Apr 28, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

Live Online Best Practices

May 5, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

Marketing and Pre-Event Promotion

May 12, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

Speech Writing and Performance

May 19, 2020 | 12:00 PM MDT

Why Pivot to an Online (Virtual) Fundraising Event?

“Change your world, and the world of those you serve today, by changing your thoughts and beliefs about live online fundraising”.

In our current reality we see 1,000’s of people losing their jobs, struggling with rent, and experiencing food insecurity. On the flip side, there are 1,000’s of individuals who would like to help, but don’t know how, who to support or are not engaged and inspired to give at this time. While a live online or virtual event may not be right for every organization, let’s look at some of the reasons to explore this option.

The opportunity for non profits and schools is to share HOPE, embody LOVE and create CONNECTION and COMMUNITY through LIVE ONLINE FUNDRAISING today.

Now traditional online fundraising and mobile bidding have been successful for the last 12 years in the silent auction arena as passive fundraising efforts. Active fundraising happens during in-person or live online events because they’re “ACTIVE”, engaging, entertaining and inspiring which creates a more competitive and time sensitive setting.

The real question is how to leverage existing fundraising platforms like Greater Giving, Handbid, etc., pairing them with livestream performances from the comfort and safety of the presenters and donors living room.

We’ve spent weeks vetting live stream, webinar and existing fundraising platforms to find the best way for organizations to produce and execute true Live Online (or Virtual)

Fundraising Events. We believe that most of the existing fundraising

platforms are already in development to add a live stream component to their platforms, but we don’t know when they’ll be ready for rollout.

We’ve found a live stream platform that not only supports remote programing like hosts, interviewees, executive directors, pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint presentations, paddle raise, live auction, and

live donor recognition, but also supports active live bidding (on the organizations favorite fundraising platform, like Blacktie or GiveSmart) on the same screen. (More on this technology next week).

It’s not hard or difficult to produce a live online fundraising event, it simply means that you must have a solid plan, expanded marcom, the proper technology and a professional team to engage and execute the event.

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