Pre-Event Promotion

Once you’ve created your messaging document with sound-bites and how donor dollars will impact the community, you should share these messages across all available promotional sources.

If you want to experience your BEST fundraiser yet, develop your event marketing plan to include all six of the following strategies!

Website Splash Page


Online Registration

Video Promotion

Social Media

Email Blasts

Begin your promotion plan TODAY!


Our background is in marketing, and we’re here to help. We’ll film event promotion videos and share your event across our social media platforms. We’ll be your resource if you ever have questions in creating your event and paddle raise messaging, collateral, social media campaigns, or with any other pre-event promotion. Here are some areas where we can help:

  • Recommend Vendors
  • Edit Documents
  • Suggest Layouts and Messaging
  • Film Promo Videos
  • Promote Events on Social Media

The Diva Approach

Event Messaging

Audience Demographics

Psychology of Giving

Event Philosophy


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