FAQ Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks


What is the retail value of Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks training programs?

  • One on One Coaching engagement $7,475 USD
  • Nonprofit Courses for Group Coaching $4,995 USD
  • Learning On Demand Training Course normally $897 USD


Full participation in Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks is applicable for 5 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Please note, these point totals are based on complete participation in this activity. Complete participation is defined as an individual attending an educational session during each time slot in which such a session is offered. Partial participation in this activity qualifies for 1 CFRE Continuing Educational Point per educational session contact hour; partial hours may be counted in increments of .25 points per 15 minutes.


What does the Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks program include:*

  1. Six Modules with two to five event fundraising lessons each, totaling seven videos and 26 slide-deck video lessons.
  2. There are Playbook pages for each lesson that can be downloaded and printed.
  3. Lessons vary in length from 4 minutes to 24 minutes each, for a total of over 5 hours of content.
  4. You must mark each module complete before accessing the next module.


Charity Event Growth Strategy Hacks Syllabus

A) The Psych of Live Event Fundraising

Lesson 1              Gain Insight into How Generations Connect

Lesson 2              Understand Audience Spending Ability

Lesson 3              Pay Attention to Audience Buying Behavior

Lesson 4             Why Review Your Organizational Framework

Lesson 5             How to Create Donor Magic in Soundbites


B) Storytelling that Converts

Lesson 1              How to Build your Audience Avatar

Lesson 2              Source Compelling Stories

Lesson 3             Envelop Continuity in Presentations

Lesson 4             Document, Develop and Write Your Story

Lesson 5             Snapshot Story Delivery on All of Your Stages


C) Influential Event Merchandising

Lesson 1              Evaluate the Big Picture

Lesson 2              Consider the Event Style and Theme

Lesson 3             Leverage Technology Whenever Possible

Lesson 4             Clarify Fundraising, Auction, and Paddle Raise Plans

Lesson 5             Incorporate Various Offering and Selling Styles


D) Persuasive Event Promotion

Lesson 1              Master the Event Promotion Essentials

Lesson 2              Follow the Event Video 5-Step Plan

Lesson 3             Integrate Promotional Tactics

Lesson 4             Invest in Social Media


E) Lively Event Production

Lesson 1              Convincing Event Management

Lesson 2              Engage and Connect with Vendors

Lesson 3             Mobilize and Motivate Committees and Volunteers

Lesson 4             Polish the Run of Show to Convert

Lesson 5             Wrap Up Post Event – Lest We Forget!


F) Inspiring Event Chemistry

Lesson 1              Compose Your Event Night Chemistry Plan

Lesson 2              Sew-Up the Details with a Pre-Event Huddle


G) Bonus – Tactical Planning Guides


Can I share my membership with others on my committee?

Each class has a single license, and you are not allowed to share your login or passwords with anyone. Your membership is only valid on one device at a time.

Will any additional Modules be included? 

Yes, several bonus nonprofit webinars will be released soon. Some will be included for free while others may have a nominal fee.

  • How to Raise Money on Facebook and Zoom
  • Winning Auction Item Selling Strategies and Tactics
  • School Fundraising Tips and Tricks
  • Top Selling Items
  • The Million Dollar Paddle Raise/Fund-a-Need Approach
  • How to Market and Raise Funds with Consignment Items
  • Powerhouse Planning Forms Package
  • Hands-On Event Planning
  • Hands-On Audio Visual and Video Planning
  • How to Add Humor to any Event

How long can I access the lessons in this class?

For each paid class membership, you will be granted lifetime access to all modules included in Auction Fundraising Growth Strategy Hacks and other classes that were offered at the time you purchased your training.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the first 30 days if you find NO Value in any part of the course. Just submit the completed playbook for the first two modules to qualify for a refund.


Will you offer any other types of training?

Yes, free Facebook Lives will be available in The Auction Divas Facebook Page once a week. www.facebook.com/theauctiondivas.

Sample topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence and how it relates to fundraising
  • How to read your audience and take-action
  • The Rule of 7’s and why to adhere to the rule
  • Understanding the Rule of 3’s and how to implement
  • Why use Fundraising Software
  • Consignment Items – Travel, Sports and Arts/Jewelry
  • The Triad of Fundraising and how it works
  • How the right AV partner can make or break your event
  • Budgeting and record keeping and why it’s so important year on year.


Secure Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway is STRIPE and all privacy with credit card information is stored on their secure server, no personal credit card information is stored on any TAD website. You can access the STRIPE security policy here: https://stripe.com/privacy.

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