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The Auction Fundraising Growth Strategy Hacks

Online Course is Available Now!

It’s chock full of the secret hacks of Auctioneer Shelly St John and her process to achieving RECORDING BREAKING RESULTS!

Upcoming 2021/2022 Classes:

[ 1 ] How to Book Your Donor Base Solid ($1,797 Value)

Since fundraising is a year-round event itself, we’ll show the tips and tricks that Best Selling Author Michael Port has proven to engage and inspire your donors to support you.

[ 2 ] How to Automate Donor Communications ($1,297 Value)

Strategically planned communications are in every fundraiser’s plan, but does it execute with ease and effectiveness? We’ll show you how to automate your communications based on each donor’s values, wants, and needs.

[ 3 ] How to Fill Your Events ($897 Value)

During our pandemic fundraising events, most organizations are seeing higher than normal event participation due to the livestream nature of online fundraising. We’ll show you how to fill your events using the Product Launch method of promotion, so all your events will sell out!

[ 3 ] How to Build Your Own (iPhone/Android) APP  ($1,297 Value)

iPhone and Android APP’s have been all the rage for years, but until now, they’ve been priced so far above affordability, that many nonprofits, schools and religious organizations have not been able to budget to build their own. We’ll show you the tools and the simplicity of building your own APP, to capture a larger donor audience, execute communications consistently and meet your donors where they are – on their phones!

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