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Using new and exciting online sweepstakes technology, 501(c)3’s can invite current and new donors to enter a sweepstakes campaign at predetermined dollar amounts for a chance to win prize(s). The donation amounts are normally at lower levels like $25, $50, $100 and $250 which engages participation from a larger, more diverse audience, when the prize has broad interest like travel packages, concert or theater tickets, dining or experiential opportunities.

Official sweepstakes rules allow for the equivalent number of free entries from each eligible person, so that everyone can participate fairly. Free entries will be mail-in, while donation entries are done online. However, even free mail in entries have value as you’ve had the opportunity to raise awareness about the nonprofit, school or religious organization and potentially add those contacts to your outbound marketing campaigns.

What Are the Most Compelling Prizes and How Do I Find Them?

Organization specific opportunities like scholarships or voluntravel service trips can be very popular with a dedicated following and database. A close second are travel packages, concert or theater tickets, dining or experiential opportunities are broadly desired prizes, but it all depends on where you think your donors will come from. If your intent is to market your campaign locally, then local opportunities work great. If your goal is to engage a more national audience, then travel packages that anyone in the US can take advantage of are recommended. After all, who would not want to win a week at the beach somewhere or a more exotic European vacation.

Prizes are a perfect way to develop partnerships and sponsors. As an example, if you have a donor that would like to work with you, you may be able to offer them the opportunity to underwrite the cost of an exotic European vacation. Or you might find a sponsor that has a prize that can be donated 100%. Your next partnership or prize is only limited by your imagination.

How Long Should Each Campaign Run?

A successful campaign should be a minimum of 60 to 90 days. The true success of any campaign is dependent on the marketing and social media plan that is launched for each promotion.

What if You Don’t Have a Marketing Team?

No worries, we’ll help you develop the marketing and social media plan early in the campaign process. If you need help with implementation, we’ll connect you with one of our partners for execution and campaign monitoring.

Where Does My Campaign Live?

Each campaign is developed and stored on our administrators site, however once the campaign is ready to launch, the code installed on dedicated page your organizations website so your branding and messaging is seamless.

What Kind of Campaign Information Do You Collect?

Once your campaign has concluded, we will supply you with a detailed report of how many hits your campaign received, what state the users were from, along with a complete spreadsheet of the entrants’ contact and behavioral information with directions as to how they would like to be contacted, based on your opt-in rules and privacy policy.

How Does My Organization Get Paid?

All donations made during a campaign are immediately deposited directly into your Stripe Processing Account. Stripe has a simple application form and gives a substantial discount to 501(c)3 applicants.

Official Sweepstakes Rules and Legal Compliance

The Auction Divas will provide a sample of the Official Rules, a Prize Partner Agreement, a Winners Affidavit and a Companion Travel Release for your use. Be sure to have your own promotion council review each document for accuracy and approval because your legal compliance activities will be the responsibility of the 501(c)3, however sample legal forms will be supplied.

Email and Database Integration

give.Sweeps integrates into several email and database platforms. Contact us for more information and to see if your current software programs are active.

How Are Winners Drawn?

The VS Platform will combine all paid and free entries into one database and the winner will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries.

This is a Sweepstakes not a Raffle

Although some states may allow a nonprofit to conduct “paid” raffles where a purchase-only method may be required to enter, many states do not. And some states do not allow a raffle, but maybe allow a bingo game (go figure) or require you to get a local license from the sheriff! Even states that permit a nonprofit to conduct a raffle have significant legal restrictions, applicable laws, limitations and filing requirements that vary considerably from state to state. So instead give.SWEEPS made it simple. We offer you the ability to conduct a giveaway type of promotion where people are strongly encouraged to give, but they can enter without a donation if they wish (cheapskates!) Even if they enter without a donation, you still have an opportunity to raise their awareness of your charity, brand and needs.

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give.SWEEPS — Why it Works!

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