give.SWEEPS — Why it Works!

  • Challenge
Difficulty in Communicating a Compelling Story

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofits is to communicate with current and potential donors the importance of their work, how their programs impact the community, why financial support is critical and how donors can get involved.


  • Solution
Storytelling and Raising Awareness

give.SWEEPS is a national forum for telling your compelling story to those that will listen via email, your website and social media. The more you share; the more viewers will notice you and take action to support your organization.

  • Challenge
Limited Geographic and Socioeconomic Reach

Typical fundraising events are attended by a very small percentage of the organizations database, donors and friends which narrows the impact of any live event ask. In addition, live events lean on larger donors to leverage overall fundraising success and tend to forget about smaller donor amounts. Trust me, those smaller amounts add up FAST!


  • Solution
Inbound Marketing — Building your Database

By conducting a give.SWEEPS campaign you will be expanding your ask to a much larger segment of your existing database including millennial’s. Then, through social media, you’ll be attracting donors that had no idea you existed. We’ll collect contact data from your entrants using your own opt-in marketing language and obtain consent to add entrants to your marketing database. Entrants will also have the option of following you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

  • Challenge
Vendor and Sponsorship Burnout

From vacations to carwashes, jewelry and beyond, businesses and sponsors are being asked by dozens (or more) of organizations for product and financial donations for silent and live auction items and table sales.  In many cases, the only promotional return is the item display at the event.


  • Solution
Corporate Partnerships and Sponsor’s

give.SWEEPS provides an amazing opportunity to build partnerships and sponsor’s in an entirely new way. The simple virality of each campaign will expose your sponsors to an entirely new, trackable segment of your database and followers, thus increase the benefits for each sponsor or partnership. Think about the companies and organizations that you know who may want to donate a prize for your next campaign.

  • Challenge
Audience and Guest Fatigue

Most people on the charity circuit support multiple organizations, meaning that they split their time and resources between the causes they care about. These donors are getting tired of the same ole events, and their boredom does NOT increase fundraising success.


  • Solution
Leveraging Marketing and Social Media

Help alleviate donor fatigue by creating a fun, quick and easy way to support your cause. The more visible your organization is, the better your message will resonate with donors, which in turn should increase fundraising.  Once a donor enters, they are encouraged to share with their friends on multiple platforms, thus increasing the virality success of every campaign.

  •  Challenge
Once or Twice a Year Fundraising

With event style fundraising you plan all year long for your one major event, or you may even conduct 10 smaller events, but what about the other 354 days of the year?


  • Solution
Year-Round Fundraising 

You can run as many campaigns year as you’d like. By giving donors the opportunity to support you and the chance to WIN your curated prize(s), they will feel valued and cared for, while supporting you financially. There’s no longer a need to wait for a once-a-year event to roll out a new fundraising campaign.

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give.SWEEPS — How it Works

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