Online Fundraising

Is There a Need for Online Fundraising?

YES! Having spent 30 years in marketing and 11 years in live fundraising — conducting more than 600 auctions, raising an estimated $47.5 million for nonprofits, schools and religious organizations, we’ve seen a downward trend in Return on Investment (ROI) for live events. While the gala-style event will always be a part of the fundraising landscape, there is another solution . . .

Enter [PARDON THE PUN], Online Fundraising with give.SWEEPS!

An online give.SWEEPS campaign is an opportunity to engage your entire database, not just those who attend your events, and attract an all new audience of donors that produces fresh fundraising results.

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Each campaign will:

Tell your story to the masses

Build your database with inbound marketing

Develop new partnerships and sponsorship opportunities

Honor existing donors and alleviate guest fatigue while leveraging social media

Convert once a year fundraising to year round support

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