Growth Strategy Hacks

Now you can become an auction strategy expert by learning the “tricks of the trade” and propel your fundraising into RECORD BREAKING status!

This online course has 6 Modules and 30 Lessons full of strategies and tactics and is presented in a short, sweet and pragmatic style.

While many of the concepts may suggest a SHIFT in your thinking, they have proven successful $125 million times! (If you consider $1.00 at a time).

Learn why strategy is so important and how to begin!

The Psych of Fundraising

SHIFT: By understanding the values, likes, and dislikes of each generation, you can more easily attract, build, and maintain donor relationships.

Storytelling that Converts

SHIFT: Dialing in on your audience’s needs and wants and then communicating them in relatable stories and sound bites can help you become top of mind across all of your stages.

Merchandising Your Event

SHIFT: By evaluating each style of auction fundraising from your audience perspective including spending ability and buying behaviors you’ll engage more donors to participate and give.

Pre-Event Promotion

SHIFT: By deploying a deliberate, strategic, and frequent promotion plan you will be able to activate your donors when THEY are ready to receive your offer to take action.

Event Production

SHIFT: By incorporating your audience’s attention span and buying behaviors into your run-of-show, you can make important decisions based on strategy not desire.

Event Night Chemistry

SHIFT: By leading your volunteers, vendors, speakers, and fundraisers into event night, you can create an atmosphere of efficiency and teamwork, that is channeled throughout the entire audience.

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