Public Speaking

Audience = Performance + Stage

An intentional method of asking for yes, and getting it!

True Influence is when you inspire someone to feel, think, and act. Whether you’re selling a product, a service or raising money, persuading your audience to feel and think influences their behavior.

When you merge influence and decision making, it begins with emotion (because it makes you feel), is validated by fact (because it makes you think) and together they culminate in action. Our Equation, Audience = Performance + Stage is an intentional method of asking for yes, and getting it!

Reading your audience — their body language, eye contact, and intonation are key to recognizing if your message is landing and what to do about it, if it’s not. Each audience, will tell you exactly what they need to influence their actions. Now there are clinical demographics, generational differences and cultural subtleties, but you must begin with what makes your audience feel, what lights them up and why they want what you’re selling. Only then, can you deliver the emotion and facts that inspire.

If you want to go above and beyond where you are today, I challenge you to incorporate Audience = Performance + Stage, in every situation you’re asking for yes, then track your successes. I guarantee you’ll get your next YES, sooner than you think!

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Having spent 30 years in marketing, 20 years in her own company; and 11 years as a fundraising auctioneer, founder of The Auction Divas, Shelly St John has spent her lifetime learning how to read an audience and influence the way they react. Through the printed word and delivery of LIVE messages, Shelly’s focus is on understanding each audience, large or small and what motivates them to make decisions and take action.

“Understanding an audience, on a core level, helps us identify why each person is in front of us; why they care about what we ’re talking about; and why they don’t — key factors in getting closer to YES,” says Shelly.

  • Keynote
  • Full Day | Half Day | Breakout
  • Fundraising Auction(eer)*

*When you book Shelly as a keynote speaker, she will donate her time at your same day lunch, dinner or reception to raise money for your own foundation or the charity of your choice.

Fundraising Seminars

We’re on a mission to help our clients expand their reach in live fundraising, so let us know if you’d like us to talk with your team!

Topics include:

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