Live Fundraising Auctions

A big congratulations to our clients and teams for a stellar first half of 2018. Together, our work raised $1.2 Million for 18 non-profits and schools.

“We can’t do this work alone, says Shelly, it takes a village, a team, and a willing audience. By following our processes, clients’ event night revenues frequently soar above expectations, in fact at 80% of our events, we raise 100% to 900% over goal. These substantial increases enable our clients to fund more programs, serve more of their beneficiaries and make a bigger difference in their community.”

Here are just a few snippets from clients after our events:

“As usual, you are a delight to work with and we all appreciate your live auction/paddle raiser performance”.


“You are amazing Shelly, last night was spectacular”.


“Thank you Shelly, you are a calming force in a chaotic environment. We’ll work together again for sure”!


“Great job on Friday, thank you for all of your great work from the stage, it was a success! I am glad you pushed for the Beach Vacation Packages, they did make a big difference.”

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