Living Room Live Event Technology

When considering the pivot to Living Room Live Fundraising the technology conversation can seem daunting, but it’s really is quite simple. If you already have a fundraising platform that you are invested in, that’s a good place to start, if not, you should choose one now.

In most cases, two platforms will be needed to run your Living Room Event: an Online Fundraising Platform (OLFP); and a Live Stream or Webinar Solution (LSWS). While some OLFP’s are only days away from offering both services, it’s wise to review all of your options because your OLFP may not offer this add-on yet.

Let’s begin with OLFP’s like Greater Giving, Handbid, GiveSmart or Blacktie. All of these platforms will handle many of the tactics you are already familiar with like online registration, listing and accepting bids for silent, live and paddle raise funds, checkout and credit card payments. The most important are online registration and credit card processing, so guests who bid, win or donate, can seamlessly check out.

Second, are the LSWS’s like Zoom, GotoWebinar, YouTube, YouStream, etc. These platforms provide you with the live speech or presenter screens, display your sponsor PowerPoint, stream your pre-recorded video, and promote attendee engagement through live chat features, etc.

The real challenges are to provide a streamlined guest experience that both creates and sustains engagement and allows for ease of use for bidding and donating. Because the technology for LIVE Online Living Room Events is in its infancy, most LSWS’s require that the guest either use a separate browser window to access the OLFP’s or smart phone to bid. While not entirely difficult, having a separate window or devise can be kludgy for the overall guest experience.

We’re working with a new LIVE Stream platform that integrates any existing fundraising platform into the landing or LIVE Stream page, so the guest can do everything you want them to do, from the same browser window. Guests won’t need to download any files (like you would on Zoom etc.), to register and get into the event, they’ll just click a link and viola, they’re there.

They’ll also be able to login or register in the OLFP directly from the LIVE Stream event page. Which is amazing. It’s a wrap-around solution that makes registration, audience engagement, bidding and checkout, available from ONE same window, screen or devise.

To learn more about this LIVE Stream Platform and see it in action, join us on Thursday April 9th, from 12:00-1:00

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Apr 16, 2020 12:00 PM Mountain Time 

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