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If you want to experience your BEST fundraiser yet, develop your event marketing plan to include all six of the following strategies!
Website Splash Page

Create an engaging splash page on your website and direct all attendees, sponsors, volunteers directly to that page. Make sure that you use the sound-bytes that you created to inspire action.


Organizations typically choose paper and/or email to invite guests to their event. Be clear about event specifics. Don’t forget to use your sound-bytes so that readers “get” the importance of the event, and why you are seeking their support.

Online Registration

Since we live is such a technology driven society, consider the use of an online registration platform so that you capture the attendees attention and promote early registration, use your sound bytes so guests arrive, prepared to give.

Video Promotion

Consider filming/editing a series of 60 second videos that can be used to promote your event in the months leading up to your night. You may want to produce a Board of Directors video that asks for specific items like sponsorship leads, table sales, donations, etc., and one for general information and ticket sales.

Social Media

Utilizing your social media platforms to share your message (sound-bytes), event specifics, and ticket sales will keep you out in front of your audience and ahead of the other events and charities that your donors may be considering supporting.

Email Blasts

Plan out your email communications with messaging, event information, live auction and exciting items available at the event, online auctions, etc. Make sure your guests know why it’s important to attend, support and talk about your organization.

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