Psychology of Giving

Giving is Contagious!

Donors take-action for two basic reasons:  fact and emotion. When you merge influence and decision making, it begins with emotion (because makes you feel), is validated by fact (becuase makes you think) and together they culminate in action.

Understanding your audience on a core level will help you identify:

  • Why each guest is in attendance;
  • Why they care about what you’re talking about: and
  • Why they don’t.

Once you understand this, you can craft and deliver the messages that inspire the action you want your guests to take.

Consider implementing two of the following four strategies!

Seed Gifts

Paddle Raise Timing

The Donor Moment

Matching Funds

Giving is contagious, stack your deck TODAY!

The Diva Approach

Event Messaging

Audience Demographics

Pre-Event Promotion

Event Philosophy


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