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Live Auction Planning


Run of Show

The event night agenda is where high level strategy should be adopted. From organizing registration and checkout, silent auction opening and closing, meal service, live fundraising, entertainment, and a strong event close, each decision you make will impact your overall fundraising. We’ve found that the PERFECT time to begin live fundraising is when your guests have been Seated (S), Fed (F), Watered (W), Wined (WI), Sugared (S) and Caffined (C) S-F-W-WI-S-C. So, organize your speakers, videos and presentations to revolve around this PERFECT Fundraising moment.

High Bidders Choice

The high bidder’s choice method combines similar items (like sports tickets, art, weekend experiences) into one item which are then sold to the highest, second highest, third highest, etc., bidders. The auctioneer will open one round of bidding for the right to choose the item they want. When the bidding slows, the auctioneer will sell the high bidder the right to choose the item they want at the high bid price, then sell the remaining items to the subsequent bidders.

Round Up

The Round Up method can add several thousands of dollars to your event revenue and can be used in multiple areas. First, your auctioneer can ask each bidder to round up their donation or winning bid price with each item sold. Secondly, your auctioneer and check out team should ask every person at checkout to round up their donation, Many guests have rounded up their invoices from $50 to $100, $700 to $1000 or $8,250 to 10,000 etc. Everyone should use this strategy.

Last Gift Wins

During the paddle raise, at the last level of asking, either $100 or $50, promote a fantastic item to give away for the last gift at that level. The item should be something that everyone would want, like a weekend in the mountains, a dinner for 10, or a fantastic wine selection. Bidders can raise their paddle multiple times and each time they do, another gift is recorded. The average number of gifts per person is 3, so you can see how this strategy can help your overall paddle at the lower levels.

Mobile Bidding

Online and mobile bidding applications convert your passive silent auction, into an active silent auction. One of the biggest keys to record-breaking mobile bidding success is to open online and silent auctions in advance of the physical event, which, if promoted properly, will attract bidders to bid and win items before event night.

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