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Throughout our 15 years as charity and fundraising auctioneers we’ve seen and conducted just about every style, selling method and engagement tactic during a fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. Whether it’s a small nonprofit, elementary school or religious organization, we’re committed to helping charities fundraising with fundraiser ideas for nonprofit, a school fundraiser online or hybrid event for spiritual and religious organizations.

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Online Auction



An online auction is a windfall for your events because it draws a much larger audience, especially for schools, since family, friends, and relatives who live outside of the event area still want to participate and support.

When planning an online auction, consider the following suggestions:

1) Launch and run the auction for two weeks to 30 days before any live event or close of the auction;

2) Be sure to close this type of auction at least 24 hours before any live event;

3) Be mindful of the types of items included so that they are easily shippable and of interest to those outside of your event area. 

Silent Auction



At traditional in-person events, a smaller assortment of items is desired, as you will get a larger number of bids per item with a higher winning total overall. A smaller number of items also reduces the cost to display a more extensive selection of items and reduces volunteer time in setting them and up and at checkout.

A smaller number of silent items will yield the same results during a live virtual event as at an in-person event and will allow guests to focus on the live fundraising asks without being distracted by the silent bidding process.

When planning a silent auction, consider the following suggestions:

1) For in-person events, the total number of silent auction items should be 25% compared to the total number of guests. (100 guests would equal 25 silent auction items);

2) For virtual events, the total number of items can be unlimited but be mindful of the shipping costs and the number of staff or volunteer hours needed for fulfillment vs. the return on investment.

Auction & Paddle


Paper Fashion Show

At the traditional In-person event, we recommend 8 – 10 live auction items however, during a live virtual event, we suggest that 1 to 4 is a better number due to the shorter attention span of online guests. 

In in-person and live virtual fundraising, the paddle raise or fund-a-need should be the most critical area to focus as this typically results in higher revenues.


Donors take action for two basic reasons: intellect or fact and emotion. In my experience, decision making begins with emotion, is validated by fact or intellect, and culminates in action. As a result, action comes from fact-based emotion.

Understanding your audience on a core level will help you identify why each guest is in attendance; why they care about what you’re talking about; and why they don’t. 

How Will You Engage Your Audience?

Call us to find out which event style will work best for your audience and goals!


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